2 min readJan 2, 2022


In this article, I will try to tell how you can stake on Stargaze.

If you want to stake at Stargaze, you will need to have a cosmos wallet the most usefull one is Keplr wallet, you can get it from:

After you install the extension create a new account.

Backup your mnemonic.

After that verify the keys your wallet is ready to use.

Now you will get some $STARS to stake them on Stargaze.

You can use osmosis dex since there is enough liquidty to buy some $STARS.

First connect your wallet and then buy some $STARS.

After you got your $STARS withdraw those $STARS from the assets tab left to your wallet.

Now you are ready to stake your $STARS.

Lets go to:

This is the stake screen you can select a validator and delegate your $STARS to that validator.

Choose your validator.

Enter tokens to delegate and click the delegate button.

After you approve the transaction,

you are done.




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